Training for senior gymnasium students participating in the «Ustat-2» project

January 30, 2015, 06:00

January 29 saw a scheduled training for senior gymnasium students participating in the "Ustat-2" project on the topic of leadership and responsibility for their own destinies. The main purpose of mentoring "Ustat-2" is the emphasis on all-round personal growth, improved critical thinking skills, and the development of self-reliance, leadership and professional skills among girls in business, science and technology.

For senior students who are just starting to think about their future careers, the "Leadership" training was a great introduction to the skills that are exhibited by people who demonstrate competent leadership. The girls learned that anyone who wants to become a leader must understand that leadership means not only a higher salary and status in society, but also greater responsibility.

The leader of the training, Aizhan Chynybaeva is a positive thinking coach, business woman, and young mother of three. Aizhan devotes countless hours to conducting training workshops for students and women on positive thinking.

As the coach got to know each of the participants, she made recommendations on how to improve their current presentation skills. In the beginning, it was hard to make out the girls words during their presentations, since they spoke in barely audible voices, interacted with the audience little, gave no eye contact, and did not clearly indicate why they were there. The girls were then told that modesty, shyness and self-doubt prevent them from articulating their thoughts and making presentations about themselves. During the interactive training, the young women had the opportunity to consider their positive and negative traits, as well as learn how to get rid of fear and uncertainty. The coach advised them to tackle their dreams with utmost seriousness and dedication, and to take their presents and futures into their own hands.

Kakenay Zhumadilova, participant from School No. 43, sent a letter of thanks via e-mail: "I really liked this training. Thank you very much for the warm environment you provided. I eagerly listened to the training and got a lot of useful tips and good examples to follow. Thank you again for inviting remarkable coach Aizhan Chynybaevu. Everything was great and I really enjoyed it! "

Elnur Aydarbekova wrote: "Today I thought about many things and am very happy! The training was inspiring."