Completed the second training course for directors of private kindergartens and centers

January 27, 2015, 06:00

Report on Training

Directories Coach - Maria Mirkes, Novosibirsk, Russia.


January 20-21 was the second training course director for the directors of private kindergartens and centers. The training addressed the theme of attracting and working with clients, i.e., with parents. The first day could be called "Client begins with a call." How to respond to interested parents choose this kindergarten, you need to talk about kindergarten in the first 30 seconds that according to statistics, remembers the caller. What information, representations of parents affects the decision-making, what words should be avoided in conversation with customers. What factors influence the choice of parents when they are trying to choose a kindergarten?


In the second part, the coach talked about what ways the dissemination of information on kindergartens via advertising can be understood, as well as the categories to which the parents may be divided into and how to work with each of these categories. Another issue was the question of parental training. Payment - What is the amount of payment, what services are required, which are not of primary importance? Other issues include: What parents should expect from the kindergarten they have chosen for their child, as well as how parents’ expectations can be met while respecting the interests of the kindergarten.

The next training will be held on March 12-13 (Thurs-Fri), 2015, at the Shmbhala Montessori Kindergarten (str. 38 Karadarya cross street with Suvanberdieva/Zhigulevskaya).


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