Happy Upcoming New Year, friends!

December 25, 2014, 06:00

Dear friends!


2014 is coming to it's end leaving less pages in the calendar as well. This year was remarkable as it brought a lot of good news and ideas to us. It also allowed our staff at the "Initiative of Roza Otunbayeva" foundation to accomplish many successful, interesting projects. We are happy to have had this opportunity to do a lot of good and useful work.


In the new 2015 year, we committed ourselves to accomplish many more projects and tasks. We will continue to focus on education development, starting from educating youngest citizens of our country, environmental education, promote culture, and strengthen girls and women. We believe that openness and trust we established with you, your support and attention will help us all be successful in our work!



Here is the bright and fabulous holiday that plays special melody in the hearts of children and adults, generously giving people all over the earth goodness and joy, fun and laughter, and most importantly - the belief in a miracle.


We wish you special cheer in the New Year, as well as inspiration, positive attitude and energy.


Let the New Year meet all your expectations, bring success, stability and prosperity to your home, and to our country, give the warmth of human relationships , joy of family affection and sincerity of feelings.


Let the 2015 year bring peace, kindness and harmony to every home!


Staff  "Roza Otunbayeva Initiative" International Public Foundation