Children read a fairy-tale book and attended series of master-classes with the German Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission Anders Lundgren

December 11, 2014, 06:00

On December 10th, German Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission Anders Lundgren read a fairy-tale “Little Red Riding Hood” to Bishkek city children at the State Historical Museum of the Kyrgyz Republic within the framework of the “Stars Reading Book” project. This event was attended by primary school age kids.


In addition, first-year students of the Kyrgyz National University after J.Balasagyn showed a performance and read “Jar with the butter”, another German fairy-tale.


At the master-classes children learned to make their favorite fairy-tale characters from available materials and the clay pot from the “Pot with the butter”, they learned basics of sculpture work, painting, sewing and coloring.


All the fairy-tales read to children were German authored books as this event took place in light of the current on-going exhibition “Germans in the history of Kyrgyzstan”.


The main goal was to show German people history of Kyrgyzstan to the communities within country and the world. Their contribution to the economic and cultural development of country and inform about prospects of integration and cooperation between Kyrgyzstan and Germany.


Organizers commented that organization of such holiday for children emerged them into the world of German culture and communication, promoting their learning and overall development and also stimulating them for intercultural exchange.


The event was organized by International Public Foundation “Initiative of Roza Otunbayeva” with the support of “Peoples council of Germans in Kyrgyzstan”, German Embassy in Kyrgyz Republic, Goethe Institute, K.Adenauer Foundation, “Interglass” Company, State Historical Museum of the Kyrgyz Republic.