Shakirts (mentorees) of the «Ustat-2» project got acquainted with the basics of computer literacy

December 8, 2014, 06:00

Mentorees of the "Ustat-2" project were introduced to the basics of computer literacy. In the autumn of this year, a survey of students revealed that many students do not have basic computer literacy.

On November 30 and December 7, in partnership with the Center for Continuing Education at the American University in Central Asia, high school students from the settlement schools from around the capital learned about safety when working with computers, computer components, external storage media and learned how to use e-mail and social networks. Mentors taught mentorees the basics of the Internet and Google apps including: search engine, translator, maps, and about e-mail services (for example, Gmail). Girls reviewed the major email services (Gmail,, Yandex, Yahoo, and etc), helped to register accounts in Gmail, read the rules of writing business letters, and learned how to use an address book. Nowadays, social networks play an important role in business and in life, therefore mentorees were introduced to Facebook as well.

After the seminar, a survey was conducted among all participants. They noted the great practical advantage of the training and the project as a whole.