A Wondrous World Through the Eyes of Young Talent

August 22, 2014, 06:00

On August 8, the G. Aytiev Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts opened the "From the Past to the Future" exhibition presenting more than 100 works of art by 60 artists.


All the works are unique in their own way. This is primarily due to the use of different kinds of materials and the youthful perspectives of the young artists. The exhibition is the result of the "Nomadic Art Camp” showcasing young artists and their perspectives on spiritual and cultural heritage.


At the grand opening, one unknown artist’s admirably meticulous work stood out. The AKI Press correspondent, like many of the other patrons in attendance, was pleasantly shocked to learn that this artist was just 13 years old.


Kanibek uluu Akilbek studies in 8th form at Metropolitan School Number 46. Shy at first, Akilbek agreed to share a little bit about himself and his work.


"For this piece, I created 100 people, 50 on the first level and 50 on the second. Overall, the whole composition took two months; the last figure I finished today. I placed them in water due to the fact that clay can melt and the water [helps the clay] keeps its original shape,” Akilbek says.


He said he wanted to show a market, the people who work there and those who shop.

"I took part in the Festival of Education, where I noticed Shairbek Amankulov. He invited me to this exhibition. I love to make these figures at home. I've already done a series of actors, a series of Kyrgyz elements and many others,” he told us.


 According to Akilbek, the first works he created back in the 1st grade were clay home items like sofas, dishes and more. Then he began to sculpt people, which in the early stages had no eyes.


He noted that in the future he wants to be a sculptor or architect-designer. His mother Jyldyz added that he does not take any courses. "As a young child he enjoyed sculpting. He was very fond of sand and clay and constantly sculpted things out of them,” she said.