Welcome to the II International Festival «Kiyiz Duino»!

August 16, 2013, 06:00

Date: August 22-23, 2013

Place: Кyrgyzstan, Issyk-Kul oblast, Ton district, Kyzyl-tuu village (yurtmakers village)

Kyrgyz are known for their rich cultural heritage and traditions. Our ancestors from the ancient times created the customs, rituals, traditions in tight connection with surrounding nature. “Kizuzatuu” is one of the important traditions for parents and relatives of the bride performed with accompaniment custom ceremonies. The main goal of this ritual is to demonstrate the importance of the creating and saving family, care about the future of the couple and the creation of conditions for reproduction. Kiz uzatuu tradition accompanied with such rituals like soiko saluu (donning earrings), chach oruu (weaving braids) kalyn toloo (pay bride price), kiyit kiygizuu (gifts of clothing), zhar korushuu (meeting future spouses) kiz оyun (games of young girls), a feast and entertainment. Mother and aunts of the bride say goodbye to her through telling koshok. When the bride leave her paternal home the relatives put on her head traditional hat shokulo, put on a decorated horse, and give dowry, then the groom with his friends taking her to his house.

Public Foundation “Min Kiyal” organizes the II International Felt Festival "Kiyiz Duino" on August 22-23, 2013 in Issyk-Kul oblast, Ton district, Kyzyl-Tuu village. The Festival will be devoted to the tradition of "Kiz uzatuu" and will demonstrate the customs, rituals associated with this tradition. The Festival is hold under the finance of Christensen Fund. The First Felt Festival was devoted to the tradition of roaming it was organized in Kyzyl-Tuu village on 6-8 August 2012. The traditional games, competitions and contests, exhibition and concerts were organized for the guests of the Festival.

Kyzyl-Tuu is known as a yurtmakers village in Kyrgyzstan and abroad. In 102 of 450 homes live yurtmakers. Our yurts are sold inside the country as well as in foreign countries. Because of creative approach to their work and qualitative work of its people village Kyzyl Tuu is called as Yurtmakers village.


Activities carried out under the II International Festival "Kiyiz Duino":

- "open air gallery" in the village;

- "Aiyl dukonu" exhibition-sale products of local residents;

- Staged program "Kiz uzatuu" traditions, customs;

- Workshops "Boz үy tigүү" with guests;

- Exhibition-Competition “Ala-kiyiz 2013”;

- National games;

- Concert program;

- Documentary films;

- Traditional cuisine;



Welcome to the II International Felt Festival "KiyizDuino"!


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