Conditions of participation in the fair of educational services

March 3, 2017, 06:00

In order to become a participant of the V Festival of education, and to get detailed information on conditions of participation, please contact the following contacts below: 

Coordinator of the Fair of Educational Services and Eco-Bazaar - Aitbek kyzy Saadat 

Tel: +996 555 332174; E-mail: saadataitbek @, bilimfestkg @ 

Assistant of the Fair of Educational Services and Eco-Bazaar - Sydykova Altynay 

Tel: +996 552 600 603; E-mail:


• Education for All 

• Laboratory of Bilimbek 

•Dance class

 • Flower Fair

Responsible person is Urgunalieva Aizada

Tel: +996 550 328899 (66-03-68);

Class / Locations of "Corner of health"

Responsible person - Zheenbaeva Nurzat

Tel: +996 555 812251 (66-03-84); E-mail:

Sport Class

Responsible person -Meder Stalbek (V Sport)

Tel: +996 776 333556; E-mail:,

Responsible person - Maria Zubkova

Tel: +996 555 728301; E-mail:,

"Book Collapse" Class

Responsible person - Kamjetaeva Kamilla

Tel: +996 770 105790; E-mail:

Concert Class

Responsible person is Alena Mukhovikova

Tel: +996 555 812251 (66-03-68);

PR Manager of the Festival of Education:

Kolesnikova Maria

Tel: +996 556 205305 (66-03-68);

SMM Manager of the Festival of Education:

Kalnur Bekzhan

Tel: +996 700 357896 (66-03-68); Email:

Information about all participants of the Festival of Education-2017 will be placed free of charge in the Catalog of the Festival.

The cost of placing modules, information about the company in the Catalog (without participation in the Festival of Education-2017):

• the color logo of the company 3x2 (see), 8 words about the company - 1500 som (for organizations not renting the office)

• advertising module - 1 page - 4000 soms

• advertising module - 0,5 pages - 2000 soms

The catalog will be distributed free of charge to the participants of the Festival of Education and City Day on the 2nd day of the Festival on April 29, 2017.

Also, the Catalog will be placed in the electronic version on the websites of the Festival of Education and IPF " Roza Otunbayeva", and on the page of the Festival of Education in Social Networks.


Applications for participation in classes are accepted until 18:00 on April 10 (Monday) 2017

Electric power in the tents is not provided.

There will be an opportunity to purchase food and drinks on the territory of the Festival of Education.