“Bilimbek's Laboratory” is the most scientifically educational class at the EDUCATION FESTIVAL

May 2, 2013, 06:00

“Bilimbek's Laboratory” is the most scientifically educational class at the EDUCATION FESTIVAL and is aimed at increasing the interest of children in the natural sciences. Here over the course of May 18 and 19th there will be entertaining workshops on origami, sand art, radioelectronics, technical modeling, computer design and flash modeling, as well as the unique “sunny” exhibition, developmental games, contests and many more interesting interactive activities! At “Bilimbek’s Laboratory” the wonders of chemistry and physics will be on display. Here you can see with your own eyes how clouds are formed and other natural phenomena, how to cook an egg using only solar energy (!) as well as take part in the “Nature’s aromas” arcade and create your own personal perfume. The “Secret’s of the Human Body” workshop will tell, with the help of Alex, the interactive model robot, how a human is constructed and how the human body’s vital systems operate.

At “Bilimbek’s Laboratory” guests of the Education Festival will have the chance to create artistic compositions with colored sand or their favorite animal out of paper in the workshops on sand art and origami. After visiting the entertaining “What Does Water Tell Us?” session, your children will know interest facts and properties of water as well as take part in experiments to measure the quality of water taken from the rivers and canals of Bishkek! In the “Living Treasures of Issyk-Kul” workshop, kids will be able to form their own masterpieces in the form of model fish, algae, mollusks, and amphibians that live in the lake! And, form the presentations and cartoons on the basics of life safety from the MChS (Ministry of Emergency Situations), you will be able to learn skills for surviving in critical conditions!

We eagerly await everyone that wants to learn something new, uncover the secrets of nature, as well as create a personal masterpiece at “Bilimbek’s Laboratory at the Education Festival on May 18th and 19th in the Russian Drama Theatre named for Aitmatov!