On 18 May 2013 the citywide “Night at the Museum” event will take place in Bishkek!

May 3, 2013, 06:00

Beginning at night on May 18th, the central museum of the city will be open all night from 6pm to midnight. The State History Museum is preparing a special program for the “Night at the Museum”: excursions, workshops, one-day exhibitions, concerts, and historic reconstructions. This year the program will be dedicated to the overall theme of “From the Past to the Present and on the Path to the Future”. 

The city’s museum guards a treasure-trove of secrets practically unknown to the public at large. Mysterious events, captivating histories and the secrets of individual museum pieces of entire buildings will become part of the “Night at the Museum 2013” program. 

This is the only night this year that the museum will open its door to guests at a special time. Besides being able to see all of the museum’s exhibits that are typically closed at this time, within the museum there will be special programs, prepared by the event participants such as concerts, performances, activities, workshops, and much more. 

The “Night at the Museum” even is held annually in Bishkek in honor of International Museum Day. This allows museums to talk about themselves and show their new exhibitions and interactive programs, and offer the public a chance to visit new places in unusual circumstances or rediscover their favorite museums from childhood. 

This is the second time this event has been initiated by the Kyrgyzstani State History Museum

For more information about the event, please contact Gulnara Cherikbaeva, “Night at the Museum” PR Coordinator (info@museum.kg, http://museum.kg/).