Children’s Philarmonic

Loved by many Bishkek residents new format of family cultural and educational recreation activities consisting of a series of classical music and dance concerts, accompanied by a lecture. In 2016, the “Rosa Otunbayeva Initiative” Public Foundation launched the “Children's Philharmonic” project in cooperation with the National Philharmonic. The Children's Philharmonic has become one of the sources of organizing children's leisure time. It introduces children to the musical art as well as develops new forms of concerts including lectures, presentations, workshops, participation in orchestra rehearsals and conversations with famous musicians of Kyrgyzstan. The regularly conducted events are designed using the best world practice and taking into account the interests of children and adolescents. In total 26 concerts were held monthly in the National Philharmonic reaching more than 6,000 children in Bishkek. . Partners: “Toktogul Satylganov National Philharmonic”, Kyrgyz National Conservatory named after A.Maldybaev, National Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Nur Omurbaev, Youth Orchestra of the Music Boarding School named after M. Abdraev, Bishkek Choreographic School named after Ch. Bazarbaev and others.

Project goals:

The creation of musical knowledge and competencies of children, adolescents and youth, the development of aesthetic taste improving their personal growth and development of musical culture.

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