The “Roza Otunbaeva Initiative” International Public Foundation in cooperation with the Kyrgyz National Conservatory named after K. Moldobasanov and the "Kyrgyz Radio" station held a nationwide contest "Beshik Yry" for the best lullabies. The competition took place from June 7 to November 1, 2017. The competition requirements were as the following: The song content was to be about good wishes and an expression of love for the child, providing an emotional connection between the child and the mother and aimed at calming and preparing the baby for sleep. At the same time, a pleasant and gentle timbre of the performer was a very important criterion. The volume of the song - no less than 3 verses, without instrumental accompaniment. Creative persons and mothers, grandmothers who would perform both traditional (folk) and modern author's lullabies could participate in the competition. In the final, the Jury selected 15 best works among 43 contestants took part in the competition. The winner works were recorded on CDs performed by the contestants themselves and professional singers.

Project goals:

The competition aimed to promote the early child development through the popularization of the best traditional (folk) and modern lullabies.

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