Women in Science and Technology

The “Roza Otunbayeva Initiative” International Public Foundation, with financial support of the Democratic Commission of the US Embassy in the Kyrgyz Republic, implemented a project titled, “Empowering and Enhancing the Role of Women in STEM” which aims to motivate girls to engage in science and new technology, directing them into fields of engineering and other technical specialties. The project provides a set of initiatives with the aim of enhancing the capacity of young female specialists, female students from technical universities, and high school girls by expanding opportunities for their active participation in the advancement of innovative technologies, reaching their full potential in knowledge and talent. 94 high school girls and 110 female teachers had training at winter schools on natural-technical subjects. These training programs took place in five regions of Kyrgyzstan. The aim of the project is to strengthen the capacities of young specialists, female students in technical universities and high school girls, and to expand opportunities for active participation in the advancement of innovative technologies, full realization of their knowledge and talents, The project also aims to motivate girls to engage in science and new technology, attracting them to engineering and technical specialties. The project consists of three components: • Support and promote the scientific, technical, and engineering potential of girls and young women by assisting them in the demonstration and implementing innovative projects in the sphere of information technology, industry, biotechnology, agriculture, mining and exploration, environmental protection and recycling, adaptation to climate change, etc. • Assistance in career development through a series of trainings on leadership, communication skills, technical English, ICT and the creation of the “Women in STEM” professional network. Education and participation in the network will help establish friendships, generate the exchange of experience and knowledge, and increase motivation for professional growth in the field of technical specialties and ICT. • Raising public awareness about STEM through a wide information campaign on innovative initiatives developed and implemented by project participants, and the success achieved by women compatriots living abroad in the technical and ICT fields. This campaign will aim to change public opinion about the role and place of women in technical fields and ICT.

Project goals:

Empowerment of Women and Increasing their Role in STEM

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