«Life in Dignity»

The International Public Foundation (IPF) "Roza Otunbaeva Initiative" in collaboration with the partner organization "International Alert" is currently undertaking the "Life in Dignity" project in the village of Ivanovka, within the Issyk-Ata district of the Chui region. This initiative is generously funded by the Government of Great Britain. The central aim of the project is to challenge and overcome gender stereotypes and discrimination while simultaneously curbing gender-based violence at the familial level. This ambitious objective is to be achieved through behavioral transformation and the economic empowerment of families. The project employs a comprehensive approach to ensure the realization of its goals. It focuses on fostering harmonious familial relationships and reducing instances of family violence through engagement with members of both the older generation (mother-in-law, father-in-law) and the younger generation (daughter-in-law, son-in-law). Integral to this endeavor are informative training sessions designed to cultivate innovative business ideas. In further support of these ideas, grants will be provided to facilitate their practical implementation. The training program is thoughtfully divided into two distinctive segments: Promoting Gender Equality and Nurturing Family Harmony: The initial part of the program is dedicated to promoting the values of gender equality, cultivating a harmonious family environment, and effectively reducing the prevalence of family violence. Empowering Families Economically: The second phase focuses on creating the necessary conditions for the economic empowerment of families through income-generating activities.

Project goals:

The primary objective of the "Life in Dignity" project is to play a substantial role in dismantling gender stereotypes and discrimination. This initiative is committed to reducing gender-based violence within families through transformative behavioral change and by enabling families to achieve economic empowerment.

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