Development Centers on the Jailoo

The unique project "Jailoo Kindergartens", initiated in the beginning by AKDN, is aimed at creating conditions for equal access for the vulnerable population – the children of cattle breeders to preschool education. As the pedagogical and educational work is conducted jointly with parents, kindergartens have turned into Development Centers in the Jailoo. Since 2014, 339 jailoo kindergartens worked in the pastures of 7 regions in the summer season, the number of children who visited the Development Centers in the jailoo exceeded 8900. More than 150 educators and 60 volunteers of various organizations, including 25 foreign volunteers, as well as 350 local volunteers and activists, parents, athletes, librarians, actors, artisans, members and leaders of health committees, entrepreneurs, etc. worked with the children and their parents.

Project goals:

Создание условий для развития детей животноводов и их родителей в отдаленных высокогорных регионах Кыргызской Республики.

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