Development Centers on the Jailoo

Since 2014, the Foundation has been implementing the initiative "Kindergartens on the Jailoo" with the aim of developing preschool-age children whose families reside in pastures during the summer. Over time, this initiative has evolved into "Development Centers on the Jailoo." This unique project focuses on creating equal access to preschool education for the vulnerable population, specifically children of cattle breeders. Pedagogical and educational activities are carried out in collaboration with parents. Every year, the "Development Centers on the Jailoo" provide a wide range of educational activities, including literacy programs and life skills training, to over 3,000 children in the most remote and mountainous regions of the country during the summer months. Throughout the years, the Jailoo Development Centers have given thousands of children the opportunity to develop school readiness skills and nurture their creativity. Additionally, regular master classes are held for children and parents in various fields. Many participants get the chance to experience a children's puppet theater, performances by different theater groups, akyns, writers, athletes, coaches in various sports, as well as learn to play chess, explore drawing, create applications, and engage in singing and dancing. Each year, more than 150 teachers, volunteers from different organizations, and parents work with the children. The project primarily covers the highlands of Kyrgyzstan.

Project goals:

Creating favorable conditions for the development of children of animal breeders and their parents in remote mountainous regions of the Kyrgyz Republic.

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