“Ustat” mentorship project

The Foundation has implemented “Ustat” mentoring projects from 2013 to encourage young, capable and willing to develop women to actively participate in the cooperation process between a woman mentor (Ustat) and a young female apprentice (Shakirt). From June – to November 2013, 26 girls had the opportunity to exchange experiences with prominent statesmen, participate in high-level events and had opportunity to implement their own small social projects. The training of “Ustat” project participant consisted of participating in workshops and masterclasses on leadership, oratory, time management, watching the work of their mentors and implementing their own social projects. The “Ustat-2” project (November 2014 - June 2015): 36 girls (apprentices) high school girls of 9-11 grades from new settlements schools became participants in the project. The goal of this mentoring project is to help girl from communities in new settlements in choosing a career, comprehensive development of their personality, improvement of critical thinking skills, development of independence and leadership qualities, which contributes to the growth of girls. The “Ustat-3” project is a collaboration of 30 mentors - employees of the internal affairs departments, mostly women and young people - girls and boys who have decided to work in the police, to guard the law and enhance the credibility of the police and strive to achieve gender equality and ethnic representation in the departments of internal affairs. The ”Ustat-3” project (September 2015 - March 2016) was attended by experienced employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs system, including female officers from the Association of Women Police Officers of Kyrgyzstan, who became mentors for 60 high school students girls of 9-11 grades in seven pilot cities.

Project goals:

Building capacity of girls from communities in new settlements

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