Contemporary Art for Children

Holding new format events to attract children to various types of art. Children art camp of 8 different forms of art (painting, ceramics, dancing, vocals, applied design, cinema and theater, cooking) took place at Barchyn summer camp. This art festival aimed to organize cultural and educational leisure for children, acquaintance with different forms of art through workshop, a costume contest of the characters from Ch.Aitmatov books and so on. 2 art studios were opened and operate in the Bakai-Ata district and at school number 6 in Talas city. Partners: The administration of Talas oblast, Theodor Herzen Museum in Bakai-Ata district

Project goals:

To promote initiatives that contribute to the cultural and aesthetic development of children and create a diverse and tolerant personality open to cultural diversity. Promotion of art for children in the oblasts, expanding children's access to art in the regions of Kyrgyzstan, using the example of Talas region.

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