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Education Festival

Education Festival is an annual event for children, youth, parents and teachers which is held in Bishkek since 2013. This project works as a combination of a bright celebration party for children, a fair education services and a professional forum in the field of preschool, school, and vocational education. The Education Festival is won “Best educational event in Central Asia” award in 2016 from the "Event Awards Central Asia" and the 3rd place at the “Global Event Awards” as the "Best Children's Event" among 84 countries including Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Armenia.

Project goals:

The main goal of the Festival is to awaken an interest for knowledge and creativity in children, to instill skills to work with information, to help high school students in choosing career, and to inform parents on a wide range of available educational services (free and paid) in Bishkek.


  • В 2016 году признан лучшим образовательным мероприятием в Центральной Азии по итогам премии "Event Awards Central Asia"
  • III место глобальной премии "Global Event Awards" в номинации "Лучшее детское мероприятие"
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