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We invite parents and teachers to attend the lecture by Director of the International Institute of Montessori Pedagogy (Moscow) N. N. Smirnova

The "Roza Otunbayeva Initiative" International Public Foundation is conducting a lecture on "Parenting, Education or Development: What do the Children Need?" for parents and teachers by Director of the International Institute of Montessori Pedagogy (Moscow) Nadezhda Smirnova.The lecture will be held at 6.30 p.m. on September 15, 2017 at the Dostuk Hotel.The cost of participation is 400 KGS. For students and teachers of schools and kindergarden educators the cost is 100 KGS. No prepayment is needed. For enquiries: 0772 800 376  

Set your mind for school after holidays: seven things that every parent can do

It is really hard to go back to school after summer vacation, and even harder for those who just starts school. First-grader has to get used to a new rhythm of life, classmates and sitting in the class. "Read - the City" Internet-shop offers effective ways to help the student to tune in for studies after summer break.   1. Do not set your child for grades   Parents make a mistake when they say: "Go to school - you will get A!" Formal assessments are not the only reason to go to school. Knowledge is more important and is more attractive to a curious mind.   Tell your child how many interesting things he can learn. Share your discoveries, build assumptions, respect the child hypotheses about how everything works.   "You can not learn anything without making a few mistakes or not changing your actions ...

Radio School: Lullabies

Do you know a universal tool to help your child to grow up calm, balanced and successful person? And yet the answer is very simple. It's lullabies. Are you surprised? In our time, when technology is rapidly developing, and parents are preoccupied with careers and prosperity, lullaby songs are gradually disappearing from the family way of life. And it's very sad. Lullaby songs have sounded for many centuries. All the peoples on our planet had their own, unique songs coming from the depths of centuries. Our ancestors had a tradition of singing a lullaby for a child, which was specially written for him at birth by his mother. It was believed that upbringing of the child begins with a lullaby.   The child starts recognizing his mother's voice while being in her ...

Teaching at Jailoo Kindergarden

Children, children, everywhere and who is teaching there? Of course, we volunteers from Austria, Portugal, the Netherlands and Taiwan! Amazing children, amazing landscape, amazing teachers – what else? Jailoo Kindergarden Suu Samuur Which kindergarden am I talking about? If you have read the Blog „Frog Head Men and Strong Women“ you know about Nasyikat Eje. This woman is running a summer kindergarden for children that are doing the jailoo (summer pasture) in the mountains. In Kyrgyzstan there are several of these kindergardens, all initiated by the Rosa Otunbajewa fund. Rosa Otunbajewa was president of Kyrgyzstan some years ago. The thought behind these kindergardens is to advance the children’s education and to offer them opportunities of being active. During jailoo children usually do not have a lot to do, as there ...

More than 170 small Kyrgyz citizens of preschool age received educational support from the Bai-Tushum Bank

Since 2014, "Bai Tushum" Bank has been annually supporting the charitable project of the "Roza Otunbayeva Initiative" IPF named "Kindergartens on jailoo". This project aims to provide educational support to the children of pastoralists, who spend summer in the mountains on jailoo. The project provides an opportunity for 5-6-7 years old children to attend school and get prepared for school directly on the pastures.   Within the framework of this project, the Bank financed the purchase of the necessary office supplies for 7 kindergartens in 7 regions of the country (Osh, Jalal-Abad, Batken, Naryn, Issyk-Kul, Talas and Chui oblasts) for a total amount of more than 100,000 soms.   "Our Bank is always happy to support educational projects ...

FINCA Bank supported kindergartens on jailoo

FINCA Bank supported the opening of development centers on jailoo. The project implemented by the "Roza Otunbayeva Initiative" IPF enables children from remote regions to study and get prepared for school. Thanks to this initiative, the children are trained in equipped yurts (mobile houses).This year our bank supported opening of three kindergardens in different parts of the country. These are centers on jailoo of the Jekendi Chon-Alai district, Oruktu in Ala-Buka and jailoo Santash of the Tup region.For the pupils of the above-mentioned institutions, all necessary office supplies and training materials have been prepared.The development centers on Jailoo are going to work throughout the ...

Employees of «Kumtor» company visited Mobile Center of the Children's Development on Jailoo

Last Sunday, Kumtor Gold Company employees and their children visited mobile child development center on Ak-Tash jailoo in the Jeti-Oguz district of the Issyk-Kul region.   Preparations for the event started few months ago, when the campaign of toys collection required for the master class was announced among the company's employees. Thanks to well-coordinated teamwork, the Kumtorians managed to teach the children to make a snowball from the collected toys and sparkles. Moreover, the employees made a developing bizybord so that the smallest visitors of the center could safely learn to use appliances and household items that are used every day.   One of the staff members held a session on the development of skills in painting, teaching children various techniques ...

On August 7-8, 2017 Roza Otunbayeva was introduced with the work of the Development Centers on the jailoo of Issyk-Kul region

On August 7, 2017 the group led by the former President Roza Otunbayeva was introduced with the work of Development Centers on jailoo of Tyup district, and also met with children and parents.   During activities the teacher of the center Zhanybekova Gulmira together with children showed several master classes on cutting out paper and introduced the children's works.   In addition, a volunteer from Austria Sabrina Schauer showed these games and master classes like «What animal am I?», «Spanish Bull», «Fingergame», and «Songs».   During the trip Sezdbek Tashtakeev - father of six champions of Asia and Kyrgyzstan in chess, fourteen years old Ruslan Tashtakeev - a seven-time champion of Kyrgyzstan, six years old chess champion Aizhan Tashtakeeva and the young journalist of KTRK Kanat ...

Why a child needs to be taught to read and write simultaneously

It turns out that the position of adults about that "the most important thing for preschooler is to know all the letters and know how to read, and the writing will be taught at school" is not quite true.   Psychologist and speech therapist of the "Vocational guidance for schoolchildren: Who to become" project Valentina Soroka explains why it is so important to teach the child writing and reading simultaneously.   Most parents who come to a consultation with a speech therapist believe that the ability to read refers to oral speech, and the ability to write is related to written speech. In fact, the concept of "written speech" includes both reading and writing and they are very closely related.   In order for the child to get a full understanding of the speech, he or she must hear the ...

Competition on Kyrgyz Traditional and Interactive Games on the Development Centers on Jailoo

In the framework of the "Year of Morality, Education and Culture" in 2017 in Kyrgyzstan, competitions were held on Kyrgyz traditional and interactive games at the Development Centers on Jailoo of Batken region and Nookat district of Osh region. The competition was held in the following categories:   • Theatricalizing of fairy tales; • Kyrgyz folk games; • Various creative works on the topics of friendship, mutual respect, good-neighborliness and tolerance.   The event was organized by the "Roza Otunbayeva Initiative" IPF within the framework of the "Development Centers on Jailoo" project with the financial support of the DFID, the British Embassy in the Kyrgyz Republic, together with the Aga Khan Foundation.   The purpose of the event is to promote traditional knowledge and cultural and historical heritage ...


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